The pride of Pakistan was born on 2nd feb 1995 as gift to the Pakistan .In 2004, she became the youngest Microsoft certified Professional and became the pride of nation.  Arfa was born in chak No 4JB Ram Diwali in Faisalabad.
Bill Gates invited to visit Microsoft head Quarter in USA .She represented Pakistan at many different Forums .On august 2005 Arfa Abul Karim was presented the Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal in the field of science and technology.
When Arfa was 16 she suffered a cardiac Arrest after an epileptic seizure which greatly damaged her mind.
She went to meet the bill Gates the media and think tanker there called “the other side of Pakistan”.
Her father said “This is Pakistan “.Arfa is Pakistan.
Her Mother said
                  “Arfa Karim is the name of life, the name of mischief and laughter the name of fun and joy. That is what you can call being full of life.”
Arfa thought of presenting a hand written Poem to Mr. Bill Gates .She wrote down a beautiful poem on a plan and simple piece of paper. Her Principal, Lahore Preschool & learning alliance Anjum Ahmed said
“She was a normal happy and playful girl”.
She got three A star and six A’s .she was truly a genius. She was prodigy. Her Father and Mother have founded Arfa Karim Foundation and they are planning to utilize this platform for accomplishing the dreams by converting her fan bank and love she got from all over the world.

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“If you want to do something in your life you must remember that shyness is only the mind .if you think confident you act confident therefore never let shyness conquer your mind”.
Best way to honour Arfa Karim is far our youth to strive for the same succeed that she achieved learn from example she left for the entire world to follow.

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