Real programmers don’t comment their codes..!!! Because it was hard to write, it must be hard to read

skills improve Faster with practice than by reading. So, you need to practice in such a way to solve problem. 
The best way to good at a Programming is to Program. If you face any difficulty meet with your faculty or search it on Google or YouTube
1- Do lot of practice
Practice makes a man perfect.
Programming is not dead discipline. There’s always something fresh to learn and I am sure that always something old to learn.
You need to build your own confidence in your own abilities. You can go so far following along with tutorials on internet. You need to build program of your own efforts. In many professional settings you don’t want to copy and paste, but it can be helpful for a learning exercise. Build your own blog in PHP, build a JavaScript plugin, get a feel of how these things work, so you will have the sure using pre_packaged applications and plugins in your job.
“You need perfect source.”
“Don’t go any assumption just practice.”
how to improve programming
tips to improve programming

  2. Backup your work often
If you have a mostly working program , make a copy of the file before you change the program just in case your changes back what was working before.
 3. Don’t expect to finish assignment in one sitting
Sometimes your brain just needs to understand problem before you can solve it.
If a point you get stuck on a programming problem for a long time, take a walk and get away from the problem, comeback and try it you will definitely solve it.
This tips manly for school or college student you need to practice at home.
tips to improve programming faster
Tips to improve programming faster

Above are the some tips to Improve Programming fast. I also follow these tips when I am doing programming. If I miss anything you can comment your suggestion.

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