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  • C programming Interview Questions
    C programming Interview Questions

1-    What is C programming language and why we use it?
 C there is a high level programming language it is developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1970s at Bell lab. It is used to develop system software and application software.
2-    Why we use main function in every C program?
Main is pre-declared and user defined function it is, compulsory to use this function in every C program because execution of the program begins with main.
3-    What is the meaning of header file name, some header files?
Header files contain declarations of predefined functions. We can use any number of header files in our programs as per the requirement of predefined functions. Some header files are  stdio.h for neurotic, math.h ,and graphics dot.h. 
4-    What is the meaning of hash include?
It is a pre-processor directive. It is used to include any header file in our, program 
5-    Why we use void keyword before main?
 void is a  data type we can use any data type before main. The data types are used to denote return type of main function if, we are using void then it gives instruction to compiler that main function will not return any value.
6-    What is the difference between stdio.h<> and conio.h<>?
Stdio.h contains declarations of printf () and scanf() where as for Conio.h contains declarations of clrscr() and getch().
7-    what is printf()?
Printf() is a predefined function. It is declared in stdio.h.
This function is used to print some text on console.
8-    what is Scanf()?
 Scanf() is a predefined function it is declared in, stdio.h this function is used to read some values from console
9-    What is console?
Console is known as output stream through which, user interacts with the source for
10-                       Can be read more than one, values through a single scanf()  function?
Yes we can,
11-                       What is object code?
compilation process translates source,code into binary language this binary,language
binary language code is known as object for

12-                       What is executable code?
This code contains object code and definitions of predefined functions from library this code is written in binary language next question
What is header file?
Header file contains declarations of predefined functions.
13-                        What is library function?
 Library functions are known as predefined functions they work with the help of hydro files and system library.
14-                       How many types of C constants
 Constant is a quantity which cannot be changed during execution of the program
 Types of constants:
·        integer
·        float,
·        character
·        string
15-                       What is case sensitivity in C?
Case sensitivity means uppercase and lowercase letters are treated differently in C 
16-                       What is the difference between constant, variables and keywords?
Constant is a fixed quantity which, cannot change during execution variable, holds constant values we can change its, value during execution and keywords are, known as reserved words
17-                       What are keywords? Name ten keywords?
Keywords are also known as reserved, words compiler already knows the meaning of keywords some keywords are:
 int, float, Char , void, long, double, single, unsigned, if, else, switch, case, default, break, continue, do, while.

18-                       What are format specifiers? Why we use it?
Format specifiers are used to specify type of value which we are going, to read through scanf() and through printf ()
Some format specifiers are:
·        Int  %d
·        Float %f
·        Char %c
19-                        Why we use Clrcr() function?
 This is predefined function. It is declared in conio.h. It is used in Windows compilers to clear console what is a compiler why we use it ?
Compiler is a system software, it translates source code into object code
20-                       What do you mean by a syntax?
Syntax means predefined rules of any programming language.
21-                       What do you mean by a garbage?
Garbage means unused value. When we declare a variable compiler automatically provides some value which is useless for programmer so this value is known as garbage.
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22-                       What is the difference between syntax error and logical error?
 Syntax errors occur at the time of compilation it comes when rules of programming language are not followed properly, logical errors occur at the time of execution it comes when logics are not properly implemented in the program
23-                       What is source program (Code)?
Source code is written in high level languages which is understandable by human being. Programmer saves source code with dot C, extension
24-                       What is the difference between signed and unsigned int?
 Signed int type variable can store both positive and negative values whereas unsigned int type variable can only store positive values.
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