Download Borland C++ Compiler

In this article i will guide you how to download and install Borland C++ compiler. 
Borland C++ compiler is used to compile both c and c++ programs on windows and other platforms.

Borland C++ compiler was lunched after turbo C++ compiler and has better features and efficiency. But the worst thing is the latest version of Borland C++ does not come up with the IDE, so I will mention link of IDE C Free . So with  C Free we can write and run programs easily.
In this Post I am sharing the link to download Borland C++ compiler 5.5 and the steps to install and make it work
Borland C and C++ compiler
Borland C and C++ compiler

Step to Download Borland C++ Compiler and IDE:
1 Click on below link and Download the Borland C++ compiler zip file

                             Download here
2    2 Extract the downloaded file you have two folder

borland c compiler and ide
after Extract

3 Right Click on Borland Folder and Copy it and then paste it to the C drive
borland c compiler
copy borland Folder

4 Then Click on C free exe and install it

The next step it to select language and click ok.

then Click on Next and Check you agree with Term and Conditions.

c borland compiler
Terms and Condition
Click next and install it and follow the instruction
then open the software you will see following layout write program and run it .
c++ borland compiler
compiler c borland

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