Blogging Tips for college Students to make money Online
Blogging Tips for college Students to make money Online

Blogging Tips For College Students to Make Money Online

In college life blogging is a better way to earn part time income after studies. You feel confident when you earn some money and pay your own bills. You get fame in your circle and everyone ask you about earning source. So we are going to explain some blogging tips for college students.

In past years, no one would have imagined that blogging will become a major way for anyone to make money. In last 2 years, we have noticed an incredible increase in the number of bloggers. Especially college and School students are the majority of adopters. .

There are many college students (most of them from engineering college) who spend day and night to fulfil their blogging dreams. Unfortunately, some students are missing their classes, and spending their precious time in researching and writing articles. This habit ultimately effects their overall academic performance. Here are few tips for them to maintain a balance between College and blogging:

Blogging Tips for College students Making Money Online

I am a college student and doing blogging and personally i recommend everyone who is interested in blogging to start in their college life. College time is the best time to start a own blog, as in this period you will be getting maximum leisure time, and instead of spending time on Facebook, or playing counter strike, you can work on your blog and make some money for your needs.

In these days on social media or internet there are so many blog examples for college students. There is so many college lifestyle bloggers who are doing blogging with studies and making a great income for their needs. Now you think about that  how to start a blog in college life. It is easy to start a blog.

First of all ask your friends about college student blog ideas on which you are going to write articles. This just like creating a blog assignment. You may write about blogs for students to read, student fashion blog, student lifestyle blog, popular fashion blogs, best college blogs and college admissions blogs.

After getting blog post ideas for students and others now its time to start your own self hosted wordpress blog. Think about domain name according to your topic of blog posts containing keyword of your blog this is a part of seo which helps you to rank high in search engine and get more traffic.

Apart from all this when you started the blog. Now you spend your most of the time to make money with adsense and managing your blog. You started leaving your classes compromising with your studies that is wrong. When you go for a job or interview no one ask you about your blogging experience. They only see your marks sheet and your academic performance. So it’s important to manage your time for making money and studies.

Here are few blogging tips for college students to make money and manage your studies.

1. Attend Your Classes

Yes, everyone knows blogging gives you very much fame as well as money but your academic performance is more important for gaining job in company and anywhere else because they only see your marks sheet not your blogging experience. So make sure manage your studies with blogging and make a good percentage in exams.

2. Make A Proper Schedule

Working daily late night is very bad for health. It disturb our biological clock and sleep awake cycle which leads to very big health problems. So you have to manage your time for studies and blogging. Do not work late night always sleep before or at 12:00 AM as a doctor I am also giving you this suggestion that always take a 6-8 hour sleep to do proper work.

3. How much time you should devote

Make a schedule for your studies and blogging because it depends upon your college how much time you are going to devote to blogging. So manage your time and make a proper schedule and follow the schedule stricktly.

4. Tell everyone about your blog

Always try to discuss about your blog with your friends. Ask them to read your post and leaving comments according to their views. This will helps you to get traffic and making money easily. Give them your blog address.

5. Part  time job

Part time jobs is a very good source of money to full fill your needs. I think blogging is a very good part time job which gives you more money than any part time jobs like call canter jobs and any other jobs.

I am explaining these blogging tips for college students because I am also a college student and knows very well we all are having very big dreams in our college life to wear branded clothes, watching movies and many more like trips. So blogging is a great way to fulfill these dreams.

6. Attend Meetings in Your City

Try to catch some famous people or blogger of your field in which you started your blog. Attend blog camps, blogger’s meet and Tweetup organized by various bloggers in your city. Register for these events and catch big personality of your field and discuss them about blogging. You can also ask for help regarding any subject and I am sure they will help you because if any one is in blogging field then he/she is always happy to help anyone.

7. Organize Blog classes in your college

If you are a stable and established blogger then you may  organize classes in schools and colleges to give blogging tips for college students. You have to take permission from head of your school and college to organize the class and teach the students about blogging and tell them how to make money from blogs.

8. Impress your friends

As everyone knows first impression is last impression. Blogging or money making online is a better way to impress your friends by showing your blogging skills. Try to solve out problems of your friends and write on that.

9. Read blogs related to your

I recommend you to read blogs related to your studies like if you are student of science then read blogs related to science and if you are a fashion geek than read fashion blogs.

10. Installing Apps

In these days so many companies and android apps are offering some money money on installing their apps and taking surveys it is great way to earn money by your android mobile phone.

11. YouTube

For a student YouTube is also a great way to earn money online. By making and uploading your video you can show your talent also. You can also resolve your friends problem by making a video and upload that on your youtube channel. It is a great source of income with adsense and affiliate marketing.

Read education blogs, blogs for college students and websites for students. If you established a money making blog before graduation than it wil be a best college graduation gifts for you. I tried my best to explain some blogging tips for college students. I hope you like this article. If you like than please leave a comment below to give your review. Try to make some money online with blogging.


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