Free image is good source of express the article, half game of the article we will win with the image. Image is good way expressive our feelings , readers automatically understand what we want express using image.
When I start blogging, I don’t know about how to get free image for a new post. I copy other blog image and paste on my blog but that is not right way. I read many blog and find the solution how to get free image.
When  we download image from google that image is already used for another blogger and they upload on their blog and ping the google search engine to index their post. When their post will be indexed search engine show the image.
How to get free image for your blog Online No copyright
How to get free image for your blog Online No copyright

2 methods to get free image online no copyright

  1. You will make your image with Photoshop or click by your camera and edit them with expressive method. Many bloggers make image their own and they make fully dashing image. They learn about many tools of image editing.
  2.         From websites: There are so many website which are provide us free image at free of cost, they nothing charge even a single amount. Some website charges for image like 10$ to 50$. But you are newbie so first you use free of image and optimize them.

Websites to get free Image for a post

How To get free image  without copy claim

When  you download image from any website. First of all you optimize that image for seo friendly so that search engine rank your post and image.
If your image will find search engine similar another site then search engine assume that you will copy image from that site so that you can optimize that image before using.
Downloaded image you can open in paint and photoshop  and add your article name or your blog logo. Whatever you like add in a image after that  your image will be optimize for search engine optimization. Use that image without any tension because you use seo friendly image.
Last word:
I hope your problem will be solved of getting how to get free images online no copyright. This is problem of every blogger who are new in this field.

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